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December 2, 2006

revised Aerotech 2 minitures

March 16,2004
added Aerotech 2 minitures

Febuary 1, 2003
redid numbers again added 2 photo pages to host pictures for my friends currently only 1 pic on page 2 is right
November 18,2002
redid numbers again
Augest 30
Fixed the story by adding another page, added some more links
Augest 30
Adjusted #s for unit and tried to fix the problem with the story.. it too long it looks like so it may have to be continued on a 2nd page
July 1
adjusted # for units
April 11,2002
worked on Heir to the Dudongpage... story is too long so its a work in progress
March 9 2002
updated the # for units
Febuary 19, 2002
revised the equipment list
Febuary 9,2002
did some more work on the webpage
Febuary 8, 2002
began construction of web site

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Fox class corvette (Inner Sphere) (left) and a Essex class destroyer (Clan) (right)Warship minitures built and painted by a Tom Smith of the CBT message board... great job Tom!